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I am pleased to announce the opening of my voice studio in Salt Lake City, UT!

What You Can Expect From Me

​I work very hard for my students. I ensure a clean, safe, confidential working environment so we can work together to unblock your voice and give you more confidence in your singing and performing. I do not use sarcasm, put-downs, or hurtful criticism. With me you get useful and constructive teaching! ​

My Commitment To You

I promise to work as hard as you do. If you attend lessons consistently, bring an open mind to your lessons, and practice on a regular basis, we will accomplish great things together and you will make noticeable progression towards a healthy vocal technique. 

I teach all voice types and ages 8 and older. The vocal repertoire taught in my studio includes; classical, musical theater, opera, jazz, and folk song.

Please contact me via the Contact Page for availability and pricing!

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Dr. Miller's Voice Studio